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Project Management/Team Collaboration Tools

These project management solutions and/or online team collaboration tools are ones that have a Free Plan available. These solutions are extremely popular because they allow users to try the services without having to commit financially and then scale up in cost only when and if they determine they will truly get a benefit by paying for the service.

Free Plans differ from Free Trails in that free trials are limited by a number of days, typically 30. Free Plans provide the user with a free offering on an ongoing basis as long as their needs don't exceed the limits of the free plan.


Link to Basecamp Project Management at

Basecamp is the a web-based project collaboration tool that allows teams and their clients to share files, track milestones, assign tasks, and centralize project feedback.


Link to Wiggio Project Management at

Wiggio is a dead simple productivity toolkit that makes it easy to work and communicate within private groups. Started due to the need for a simple all-in-one way to make working in groups easy. Wiggio provides access to the tools groups need most, including real-time communication via text, email and voice, live phone and video-conferencing, [...]

Link to Project Management at

Free for small teams of 5 users with an affordable unlimited user package available. The software has been redesigned lately. Tons of project management features for the buck.


Link to WhoDoes Project Management at

Web based project management software, with time tracking, team collaboration tools and a shared archive for the projects documentation. Designed for professionals and for small and medium firms.

Zoho Projects

Link to Zoho Projects Project Management at

Zoho Projects is an online tool that helps you track and manage your projects. Features include Tasks/Milestones Management, Centralized Document Management, Project Calendar, Gantt Charts, Reports, Timesheets and more. Unlimited Users. Free for one project. Pricing starts at $5 per month.

Enterprise Project 2.0

Link to Enterprise Project 2.0 Project Management at

Enterprise Project 2.0 allows team to complex projects. Emphasis is placed on privacy and data security. Functionality includes Clients, Leads, Project Information, Tasks, Calendar Entries, Trouble Tickets, Resources, Shared Files, Forums, Invoicings, Gantt charting, Hour and Progress logging, Scheduling events, Email updates, and Monitoring project progress.

TeamWork Live

Link to TeamWork Live Project Management at

TeamWork Live is an intuitive, secure, web-based project management and collaboration tool. Use TeamWork Live to run your projects more efficiently, increase collaboration and accountability among team members, and make your clients happier through greater transparency.


Link to Intervals Project Management at

A hosted service that enables you to centralize and manage your projects, streamline your tasks, and track time in a personalized online space. This application generates timesheets, reports and invoices and calculates real-time budget vs. the actual budget. Also, you can upload documents and files pertaining to specific projects and assignments.


Link to Huddle Project Management at

Huddle is a network of secure online spaces that combine powerful document, project & team tools with the simplicity of a social networking site. Collaborate on documents (with access control, version management and approval workflow,2009-05-01), create project milestones and share ideas online. Fully hosted, no special software required. Free package (1 project huddle, [...]

Corpell Business Manager

Link to Corpell Business Manager Project Management at

Corpell combines the essential tools for managing your business including client management, invoicing, accounting, employee management, task management and more.


Link to DeskAway Project Management at

DeskAway is a project & task management software for small creative firms. DeskAway allows people to create, manage and track multiple projects from one window. With DeskAway, you can easily get all requirements from your client, assign tasks, share files and see a report of who is doing what. Try the 30-day free trial. No [...]


Link to Comindwork Project Management at

Online project management and knowledge sharing. Includes project workspaces, tasks and reports; enterprise wiki, permissions and roles; ticketing and bug tracking; communication and knowledge sharing; simple and intuitive interface.


Link to ClientSpot Project Management at

Share and track tasks, time, files, and calendars for  multiple clients and projects.  Support for fully customizable lists  to track contacts, sales leads, or other tabular data.  Designed for virtual professionals and small businesses.

Teamwork Project Manager

Link to Teamwork Project Manager Project Management at

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online business and project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.
Features include:

Online project management,
File sharing,
Calendar events,
Milestones Management,
Recurring Tasks,
Full privacy control
Email integration,
Time tracking,
Risk register,
Multiple languages,
Timezone support



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Free version available. Monthly paid plans with annual payments [...]